Friday, February 13, 2015

A call out for community food lovin' collaborations

A long time ago, I had a dream of being a community organizer. I was working as a residential advisor in a debilitated dorm in Bellingham, WA and loving every minute of it. We were siloed on campus, and often times our residents wanted nothing to do with each other, let alone me. Slowly but surely, this residential hall became a blooming and thriving community. My door was always open, residents were constantly in my room, and friends were being made. It took three years, and an awesome boss (shout out to Derek!), to make it all happen. I truly thought I could do this sort of thing as a career right out of college. 

Well, long story short, no such luck. At least not yet. 

The other night, after Ethan got home from work, he asked me what it was that made me love cooking? Without hesitation I said, "the story!"  Every recipe has an idea behind it and every cook in the kitchen has a reason for making it. There's a lot of love that goes into meal making.

When I was an RA in college, my friends thought it was so cool I could cook. I had no idea that could be something cool. So now, cooking has evolved into  a very special gift I share with the people around me. 
Me and my boys enjoying french toast on a Sunday morning in the dorms

This is where YOU come in. Do you find yourself anxiously waiting for the next grocery trip? Are you a collector of cookbooks, and read them cover to cover?  Would you like to share your story through food on this blog and get photographed while doing it? If so, reach out to me. Karen's Place is my community building project + creative outlet. I may not be building a community through my career, but I sure as hell can try doing through a serious hobby. 

I can go through the details later when you reach out, but this is YOUR opportunity to engage with your community, your internet time, your creative juices. Karen's Place is a blog focused on the art of sharing, not just food but stories. So please, share yours with me and I'll feature it here.

Leave a comment or fill out the contact sheet at the bottom if you'd like to be featured. Also, never miss a beat + subscribe to Karen's Place. There's so much more waiting to be shared.  Stay tuned!

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