Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Hello, from Texas

Warning, not a normal post!
I just got home, but wanted to share where I was this weekend :)
Stay tuned for a fantastic breakfast  next week!

Instead of the usual romantic Valentines weekend I would normally have with Ethan, I pushed plans back and went to Texas with one of my best friends. "That's different", you say? "BRILLIANT", I say. When do you really get a chance anymore to spend uninterrupted time with your best friend anymore? For four days no less!

We ate, we drank, walked from one side of Austin to the other, we yoga'd, we uber'd. And then we did it all again. It was simple, straight forward, and a complete blast. I left that city with a renewed sense of self, and even more hope for the love I have yet to experience in my life to come. And the best of it all, I experienced breakfast tacos for the first time. Ha, get ready for that post soon. 

Anyway, I encourage you to go for an adventure with your best friend some time soon. It'll test you, remind you, and enlighten you. There's more to celebrate during Valentines than just romance. Pick up the phone, and get ready to be humbly inspired. 


(See you Sunday for our next FOOD post!)

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