Thursday, April 16, 2015

Rachel's Quinoa Honey Granola

Like I have said in earlier posts, I am a part of a Buy Nothing group within my neighborhood. It has blown me away. The generosity and level of care for one another that has been generated because of this Facebook group is an amazing feat. And this is a movement that is capturing the globe! Look at this article: 

Anyway, a while back when I joined my neighborhood's group, I found that this group contains so much more than "stuff". Enter Rachel who was reaching out for an amateur photographer to get some pictures taken for her cooking business: Milk and Honey. Getting some courage in my veins, I offered to help her. We set a date, and she welcomed me into her home. We shot for about an hour and I got to know Rachel better.

Her husband is doing his post-doctorate at the UW and she stays at home with her sheepish and yet adorable sons. A while back they moved to Seattle from Israel. She used to have a food blog and her own business back home, and now feeling settled in her new home, Rachel has decided to revitalize her business. 

Cooking her hometown favorites and all-time comfort foods, Rachel's food opened me up to a whole new taste pallet and new ways to incorporate wholesome ingredients into my favorite foods. One dish in particular caught my eye and I asked her for the recipe. Graciously she agreed and today I share with you one of the most unique combinations I have encountered so far: quinoa granola.

I mean it, Rachel is a creative freelance baker that is a wonderful friend to have your corner. Check out Milk & Honey today!

Rachel's Quinoa Honey Granola
3 C rolled oats 2/3 C uncooked quinoa 3/4 C unsweetened apple sauce 1/2 C honey 1/2 C orange/apple juice 2 Spoons Canola oil 1 TBS Cinnamon (optional) 1 TBS Vanilla exact 1/2 TBS salt Optional 1.5 C of dry fruits and nuts
Pre Heat ovet to 350 F Mix everything (not including the nuts and fruits)
Pure on a baking sheet and bake for 35-45 min stir occasionally
After cooling you can add the fruits and nuts

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